About Us

Funding Members

inSharerance project is founded by 5 professionals. Kenichi Nogami is serial entrepreneur as Zurich Life Japan founder & chief representative to launch direct marketing and internet life insurance first in Japan 1996. And co-founder as executive vice president of Lifenet in 2008, first online life insurance company, Nippon Life, Hannover Life Re Japan CR, Accenture Japan etc. Hirohiko Sasaki has had professional marketing management experience at iSi-Dentsu of America and Netyear Group Corporation, a digital marketing company, where he is one of founding members and Executive Director. Sakae Sugahara has professional management experience as Goldman Sachs in New York and Tokyo, Lehman brothers etc. Tatsuhiko Nakagawa has professional IT management experience as start-up CIO of LifeNet Insurance, Zurich Insurance Japan, etc. Yuji Takemoto has the professional client relationship and communication management experience in Zurich Life Japan, American Express Japan, Aegon Direct Affinity Marketing Japan.

Let's share catastrophic risk with Global Community

We have a vision that we will bring the world together so that all the people in the world care each other and help each other. Round 2000 years ago, starved people shared one piece of bread all together with face-to-face communications. Sharing risk within a community was a very genuine way to protect their lives, strengthen their attachment, and build their trust. Risk-sharing has power to strengthen connection. If all people think, “me first.” connection will be poor.

Now we have the Internet and mobile devices. We are in the era of digital and social network powered by artificial intelligence and block chain technologies. An old village has expanded to the earth, and we all can connect each other no matter where we are. inSharerance will be the place where we come together and support each other by sharing our risks. You can support somebody on the earth, and as somebody does for you. inSharerance will strengthen our Global Community.

Moebius Heart

inSharerance trademark is made up of two hearts. And the two hearts are connected together by Moebius band structure.

You can find inSharerance trademark is designed to be written in a single stroke.

Two hearts are connected together, then become one heart; "Moebius Heart".